our projects

The main aim of our association is, to offer education to children and youth.

We think this is best done if you connect this goal with projects in which children can participate.

So with support of Naturschutzjugend Weil der Stadt and with funding of the SEZ in Germany a few years ago we could offer a training course for young people in sustainable ecological traditional agriculture. Even small vegetable gardens were applied to various places.

Also we offered some courses in honey beekeeping.

Newly added since few monthes: computer courses,

courses for young women in sewing and courses in repairing bicycles.

Together with our partners from Germany, we have created a Mother- Child-  Community Garden  with chicken farming and a small tree nursery.


Also in cooperation with our NAJU partners in Germany in march we started with a bicycle project for young people, who are interested in learning how to repair a bicycle (training to a bike - mechanic). Perhaps later this will be a good start for some of the "young mechanics" to start with their own small businesses.

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