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to the page of TECAYO Which was known until end of 2017 as Kilombero Youth Movement against Poverty (KYMAP). As we are now an organisation, which is also activ in other regions of Tansania, we decided to change the name of our Organisation, too. But still we have the same aims and goals and we are proud that we even could start with some new ones, too.

About Our Organisation


Tell me - and I'll forget it.

Show it to me - and I'll remember.

Involve me - and I will understand.

The main aim of our organisation is:

  • to offer education and training to poor children and youth

  • to give assistance in the initiation and implementation of small projects that improve the lives of children and young people (or families) in the region around Kilombero.



We think this is best done if you connect this goal with projects in which children can participate.






With support of our partner organisation "Naturschutzjugend Weil der Stadt" and with funding of the SEZ in Germany a few years ago we could offer a training course for young people in sustainable ecological traditional agriculture. Even small vegetable gardens were applied to various places.








 Also we could offer some courses in honey beekeeping,










computer coursescourses for young women in sewing and courses in repairing bicycles.




















Together with our NAJU-partners from Germany, we have created a Mother- Child-  Community Garden  with chicken farming and a small nursery.        

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About Mang'ULA

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The place Mang'ula is located in southern Tanzania, on the east side of the Udzungwa Mountains, one of the last mountain Rainforests in Eastern Africa













- The mountains are home of many rare plant and animal species

- On the West side of Mang’ula stretches a large swamps area where small farmers grow rice but also a big sugar cane company is located here.

As the place stretches very far apart, you will hardly suspects that approximately around 15,000 inhabitants living here.

- Despite of their poverty , the people in Mang'ula are very cheerful and welcoming

How to get there

Flight to Dar es Salaam,

from here you have the opportunity to go on an adventurous trip on the old TAZARA railway, which combines with a nearly 2000 km length Tanzania with Zambia. On the way to Mang’ula the TAZARA railway also crosses the Mikumi and Selous National Park, so that already out of the window of the train you can watch in the wild elephants, zebras, buffalo, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys, and so on.

After about 400 kilometers (about 10 hours of driving!) To get already in Mang'ula.

Alternatively, you ca drive with a bus or a car from Dar es Salaam to Mang’ula. The road passes  Morogoro, Mikumi and then follows the direction to Ifakara. But even this is at least 8 hours drive on the road.

Especially the last part of the route is quite strenuous, because the road is not paved and therefore is very bumpy and dusty. But the views from the windows are beautiful, because the last 50 km you drive along the edge of the rainforest. Just magnificent views!


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